Farm Fresh Eggs

Eggs in a carton

Green Pastures Enterprises has been licensed to sell farm fresh eggs since 2006.

Green Pastures Enterprises’ farm fresh chicken eggs are sold exclusively at the Corner Store in Woodland, Washington.

1697 Lewis River Road
right on the round-about!

Brown Eggs
Rhode Island Red is our choice of breed since they are excellent layers of brown eggs.

USDA Licensed and inspected
As licensed egg producers, we are inspected by Washington State and have received a 95% to 100% competence score every year since we began in 2006.

Our birds are fed a commercial layer feed and produce from our garden.  They have available to them lots of fresh water from our well which is tested periodically.

Free Range
Free-range eggs are eggs produced from birds that may be permitted outdoors. Our ladies spend the majority of their life outdoors, and are locked up at night for their safety.

Occasionally we will hatch out a few chicks but usually our hens come to us as day-old chicks from a hatchery. Besides the welfare issues involved with caged birds, eggs from chickens in a free range environment are shown to be significantly more nutritious and fewer cases of salmonella have been reported. The yolks of free range chicken eggs are usually deeper yellow/orange and many people prefer the taste.

Other Products
We also produce garden vegetables, grapes and wild blackberries that are available in season. We make blueberry, blackberry and grape wine for hobby use only. Whenever possible, we also donate produce to the Lewis River Mobile Food Bank out of La Center, WA.